Vins & Spiritueux

Our Exclusive Partners

BBC Vins & Spiritueux works exclusively with 2 internationally recognized sommeliers in a constant pursuit to increase the quality of our superb wines :

Dominique Laporte

Best sommelier in France, 2004

The holder of the following titles :

  • Best Sommelier in France, 2004
  • Best Worker in France, 2004
  • Best Young Sommelier in France, 1997
  • The 3rd Best Sommelier in Europe, 2004
  • Master of Port International 1998

On our behalf, he validates the quality of the wines and signs the labels of the GRAND LONIS range. Thanks to the strict selection procedures of our wines, the modernity of the packaging, the quality of the materials used and - above all - the globally recognized signature on the label, these brands are our flagship products.

Dominique Laporte

Jean Luc Pouteau

Best sommelier in the world, 1983

The holder of the following titles :

  • Best Sommelier in the World, 1983
  • Best Sommelier in France, 1976
  • Wine selector, head sommelier, maitre-d´hôtel in some of France´s most prestigious hotels and restaurants

On behalf of BBC, Jean Luc Pouteau highlights the high gustatory quality of the wines from the BALDIK range thanks to his signature on the label.

Jean-Luc Pouteau